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Gastric mucus maintains wide pH differences between gastric acid (or alkaline bile) and epithelium 20 mg prednisone with visa. Mucosal failure may be caused by ■ excess acid production (from gastromas) ■ lack of neutralising factors (absence of enterai nutrition) ■ bile reflux ■ irritant drugs (e discount prednisone 40 mg on-line. The bacterium Helicobacter pylori is particularly associated with peptic ulceration order prednisone 20mg without prescription. About one-half of the population harbour this gram negative bacterium, with colonisation often starting in childhood (MacConnachie 1997a). As it is found in water, enteric transmission seems likely (Cotterill 1996), and it is particularly prevalent when sanitation is poor. Most people colonised by Helicobacter pylori remain asymptomatic (Cotterill 1996), but most people with ulcers are infected by it (MacConnachie 1997a), and it appears to cause gastritis, ulcers and gastromas (Cotterill 1996). According to MacConnachie (1997a) it provokes: ■ local inflammatory responses (disrupting mucosal barriers) ■ systemic immune response and inhibits endogenous somatostatin release (so increasing acid production). Since Helicobacter pylori requires an alkaline environment, in stomach acid it produces urease to convert urea to ammonia (the alkaline environment it needs) and carbon dioxide (Cotterill 1996). Helicobacter pylori can be detected by carbon dioxide production on ingesting urea isotopes (carbon 13 or 14), but, being costly, tests are not often performed (Cotterill 1996). Urgent fluid resuscitation is usually required, especially with colloids, clotting factors and blood transfusions. Intensive care nursing 360 Gastrointestinal tract bacteria digest blood, releasing ammonia. Prevention Enteral feeding helps to protect against gastric ulceration; however, enterai feeding should include rest periods to enable gastric pH to fall (see Chapter 9). H2-blockers (cimetidine, ranitidine), once used to reduce gastric acid secretion, do not reduce incidence of bleeding (Sung 1997). Sucralfate, an aluminium salt, stimulates mucosal blood flow and mucus secretion, together with local prostaglandin production (Sung 1997), thus increasing endogenous defences. Sucralfate does not reduce gastric acidity so that gram negative colonisation is inhibited; it can also cause constipation, and aluminium toxicity can provoke renal failure (Sung 1997). Stools should be observed for frank blood; occult bleeding can be confirmed by testing. Observations should be recorded and reported; samples may be required for testing. Most bleeds are small, but if large bleeds do not resolve spontaneously, early surgery (e. McCaffrey (1991) gives a simplistic description of Sengstaken tubes, useful for those unfamiliar with using them. He smokes an average of 20 cigarettes each day and usually drinks several pints of beer after work during the week, with more at the weekends. Kevin has recently experienced epigastric pain for which he has taken oral antacids. A colleague accompanied Kevin to the Accident & Emergency Department (A & E) after he had vomited ‘dark fluid’ and collapsed in a business meeting. Include resources needed such as equipment, drugs, investigations and specialists. Kevin then has endoscopie banding ligation to obliterate the ruptured and bleeding vessels. His initial experience of haematemesis and speed of emergency interventions have made him highly anxious. Advice should include the reason for and practical strategies on: • Avoiding vigorous coughing and sneezing • Recognition of early signs and symptoms of re-bleeding • Relaxation techniques • Drug action affected by his condition and hepatic impairment, e. The pancreas normally secretes 1,500 ml of digestive juices each day as secretion is a reflex vagal response to acidic chyme in the duodenum.

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Yet these ofces have strictly defned limits on the types of cases they may take under jurisdiction purchase 10mg prednisone mastercard, leaving a host of “medical” cases unexamined each year buy cheap prednisone 40mg on line. Tese represent a true treasure trove of diagnostic and research data that go untapped in the United States buy prednisone 20 mg otc. Medical examiners’ ofces vary in their organization, but it is possible to describe the organization and function of a “generic” ofce. It is typically an investigator who takes initial reports of a death, and makes a determination as to whether or not the case falls under medical examiner jurisdiction. Te investigator will also take a leading role in helping to establish positive identifcation of the decedent. Identifcation techniques are discussed at length in a subsequent chapter, and are one of the most critical functions of any medicolegal examination. Just as a physician must take a medical history before examining or treating a patient, so must the forensic pathologist obtain background information on a death before examining a decedent. As the subject of the examination obviously cannot be interviewed, it is up to the investigator to gather this information from whatever source is available. Tis may involve visitation of the scene of death to photograph and describe fndings (Figure 4. Ofen the position of the decedent may give critical information about the factors that lead to death. Conditions at the scene may implicate environmental factors in the death, or the fnding of medications or intoxicants may result in suspicion of a drug-related demise. Indeed, interpretation of drug levels found in the body on toxicologic testing ofen relies heavily on scene or historical infor- mation about the decedent’s prior drug use. Scene fndings, correlated with autopsy fndings, ofen provide information about how a death occurred (manner of death), in addition to what caused the death. Apart from the scene investigation, investigators obtain other information regarding the medical 52 Forensic dentistry a b Figure 4. Alternatively, some or all of these duties may be shared with other sections of the ofce. In large ofces, the investigation section is usually composed of a number of full-time employees. In smaller ofces, much of the investigative functions may be performed by the forensic pathologist or other staf. Te medical or autopsy section includes forensic pathologists and the technicians who assist them in performing examinations of decedents (Figure 4. Tese examinations may take the form of full or limited autopsy examinations, or be limited to external examination of the body. Te extent of the examination will be determined by the medical examiner afer reviewing the decedent’s medical history and circumstances of death. In elderly individuals or those with extensive and potentially fatal medi- cal histories, found dead under circumstances that indicate a death due to natural causes, examination may be limited to external inspection of the body to exclude any evidence of trauma. On the other hand, in cases of acute traumatic death, particularly in the case of apparent homicide, a full autopsy will generally be indicated. In most cases, blood and other body fuids or tissues will be drawn at the time of examination for submission to the toxi- cology laboratory at the discretion of the forensic pathologist. Photographs of injuries and of the decedent for identif- cation and documentation purposes will also be obtained. Te degree to which autopsy technicians assist forensic pathologists will vary from ofce to ofce, depending on stafng, tradition, and local philosophy. In some ofces, assistants may perform eviscerations of bodies under supervision of forensic pathologists (Figure 4. Either system is acceptable as long as all of these activities are under the direct supervision of a forensic pathologist. Assistants may also perform clerical duties, take radiographs, draw blood or other toxicol- ogy specimens, suture bodies closed, clean the body and examination area, assist in removal of clothing, and assist with inventory and preservation of clothing and evidence.

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Together with the client discount prednisone 5 mg with visa, identify goals of care and ways in which client believes he or she can best achieve those goals prednisone 10 mg mastercard. Personal involvement in his or her care provides a feeling of control and increases chances for positive outcomes cheap 40mg prednisone fast delivery. Encourage client to discuss current life situations that he or she perceives as stressful and the feelings associated with each. Verbalization of true feelings in a nonthreatening en- vironment may help client come to terms with unresolved issues. During client’s discussion, note times during which a sense of powerlessness or loss of control over life situations emerges. Focus on these times and discuss ways in which the client may maintain a feeling of control. A sense of self-worth develops and is maintained when an individual feels power over his or her own life situations. As client becomes able to discuss feelings more openly, as- sist him or her, in a nonthreatening manner, to relate certain feelings to the appearance of physical symptoms. Client may be unaware of the relationship between physical symptoms and emotional problems. Discuss stressful times when physical symptoms did not appear and the adaptive coping strategies that were used dur- ing those situations. Therapy is facilitated by considering areas of strength and using them to the client’s benefit. Provide positive reinforcement for adaptive coping mecha- nisms identified or used. Suggest alternative coping strategies but allow client to determine which can most appropriately be incorporated into his or her lifestyle. Positive reinforcement enhances self-esteem and encourages repetition of desirable behaviors. Client may require assistance with problem-solving but must be allowed and encouraged to make decisions independently. Help client to identify a resource within the community (friend, significant other, group) to use as a support system Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Condition ● 269 for the expression of feelings. A positive support system may help to prevent maladaptive coping through physical illness. Client is able to demonstrate techniques that may be used in response to stress to prevent the occurrence or exacerbation of physical symptoms. Client verbalizes an understanding of the relationship between emotional problems and physical symptoms. Possible Etiologies (“related to”) Repeated negative reinforcement [Unmet dependency needs] [Retarded ego development] [Dysfunctional family system] Defining Characteristics (“evidenced by”) Rejects positive feedback about self [Nonparticipation in therapy] Self-negating verbalizations Evaluation of self as unable to deal with events Hesitant to try new things or situations [because of fear of failure] [Hypersensitive to slight or criticism] Lack of eye contact [Inability to form close, personal relationships] [Degradation of others in an attempt to increase own feelings of self-worth] Goals/Objectives Short-term Goals 1. Client will exhibit increased feelings of self-worth as evi- denced by verbal expression of positive aspects about self, past accomplishments, and future prospects. Client will exhibit increased feelings of self-worth by setting realistic goals and trying to reach them, thereby demonstrat- ing a decrease in fear of failure. It is important for client to achieve something, so plan activities in which success is likely. Client must perceive self as a worthwhile person, separate and apart from the role of client. Promote your acceptance of client as a worthwhile person by spending time with him or her. Develop trust through one-to-one interactions, then encourage client to participate in group activities. Support group attendance with your pres- ence until client feels comfortable attending alone. Individuals with low self-esteem often have difficulty recognizing their positive attributes.

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Relating the conceptualization universal definition of nursing cheap 20 mg prednisone mastercard, Basic Principles of of basic care components with the unique func- Nursing Care (Henderson order 10 mg prednisone visa, 1960) became an inter- tions of nursing provided the initial groundwork national sensation 10mg prednisone visa. To date, it has been published for introducing the concept of independent nurs- in 29 languages and is referred to as the twentieth- ing practice. In her 1966 publication, The Nature of century equivalent of Florence Nightingale’s Notes Nursing, Henderson stated: “It is my contention on Nursing. After visiting countries worldwide, she that the nurse is, and should be legally, an inde- concluded that nursing varied from country to pendent practitioner and able to make independent country and that rigorous attempts to define it have judgments as long as he, or she, is not diagnosing, been unsuccessful, leaving the “nature of nursing” prescribing treatment for disease, or making a largely an unanswered question (Henderson, 1991). She was one of the first nurses to and responded to the question “What is nurs- articulate that nursing had a unique function yield- ing? In writing reflections on the nature of person, not object, and that the relationship nursing, Henderson (1966) states that her concept of nurse and patient is valuable to all. The effects varied nursing approaches Henderson has been heralded as the greatest advo- have on patients’ complaints of pain. The effect of an automatic and deliber- completion of her revised text in 1955, Henderson ative process of nursing activity on the relief of patients’ pain: moved to Yale University. The effects of nursing ap- 1950s there was an increasing interest on the part of proaches during admission. Parker, Nursing theories and active in the work of classifying nursing literature. Textbook of the principles electronic networking system would have to ad- and practice of nursing. Geneva: vance the work of staff nurses by providing them International Council of Nurses. The dynamic nurse-patient relation- nurse-patient interactions using nursing ship: Function, process and principles. The discipline and teaching of nursing orists defined the ways nursing is thought process: An evaluative study. Family centered maternity nursing Paper presented to the Connecticut State Council on Civil (2nd ed. Functions of the professional nurse and A history of the Nursing Information Bureau. Family nurse practitioner for maternal Wiedenbach, Tape 1, October 20, 1980; Tape 2, February 2, and child care. Her model was the first to provide both a guide to understanding and Dorothy Johnson’s earliest publications pertained a guide to action. These two ideas—understanding to what knowledge base nurses needed for nursing seen first as a holistic, behavioral system process care (Johnson, 1959, 1961). Throughout her career, mediated by a complex framework and second as Johnson stressed that nursing had a unique, inde- an active process of encounter and response—are pendent contribution to health care that was dis- central to the work of other theorists who followed tinct from “delegated medical care. She received her associate of support the validity of a behavioral system model arts degree from Armstrong Junior College in (Ainsworth, 1964; Crandal, 1963; Gerwitz, 1972; Savannah, Georgia, in 1938 and her bachelor of sci- Kagan, 1964; and Sears, Maccoby, & Levin, 1954). The combination of nursing, her academic career at Vanderbilt University School development, and general systems introduces into of Nursing. During her academic career, Dorothy Johnson Johnson’s model incorporates five core principles addressed issues related to nursing practice, nurs- of system thinking: wholeness and order, stabiliza- ing education, and nursing science. While she was a tion, reorganization, hierarchic interaction, and pediatric nursing advisor at the Christian Medical College School of Nursing in Vellare, South India, Johnson’s model incorporates five core she wrote a series of clinical articles for the Nursing principles of system thinking: wholeness Journal of India (Johnson, 1956, 1957). She worked and order, stabilization, reorganization, with the California Nurses’ Association, the hierarchic interaction, and dialectical National League for Nursing, and the American contradiction. Nurses’ Association to examine the role of the clin- ical nurse specialist, the scope of nursing practice, and the need for nursing research. Each of these general pleted a Public Health Service–funded research systems principles has analogs in developmental project (“Crying as a Physiologic State in the theories that Johnson used to verify the validity of Newborn Infant”) in 1963 (Johnson & Smith, her model (Johnson, 1980, 1990).

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